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Mitosis Contexts must be:

  • created in their own file
  • the file name must end with context.lite.ts
  • the default export must be a function that returns a context object


// simple.context.lite.ts
import { createContext } from '@builder.io/mitosis';

export default createContext({
  foo: 'bar',
  get fooUpperCase() {
    return this.foo.toUpperCase();
  someMethod() {
    return this.fooUpperCase.toLowercase();
  content: null,
  context: {} as any,
  state: {},

Then you can use it in your components:

import { setContext, useContext } from '@builder.io/mitosis';
import Context from './simple.context.lite';

export default function ComponentWithContext(props: { content: string }) {
  // you can access the context using `useContext`
  const foo = useContext(Context);

  // you can use `setContext` to provide a new value for the context
  setContext(Context, {
    foo: 'baz',
    content() {
      return props.content;

  return (
    // you can also use `Context.provider` to provide a new value for the context
    <Context.Provider value={{ bar: 'baz' }}>{foo.value}</Context.Provider>